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Why do we get chosen?


Training occurs via the Internet. You can study in any part of the world.


Each step in training is beneficial: success depends on student's patience and enthusiasm.



Simple and user-friendly touch typing tutor interface is designed for easy learning.


You will master ten-finger touch typing in two weeks.

"SOLO: Touch Typing Tutor"

that will quickly teach you touch typing.

Tutor author

Vladimir Shahidjanyan

"SOLO: Touch Typing Tutor" is the author's blind ten-finger touch typing project, developed by Vladimir Shahidjanyan over 15 years ago.

Touch typing method appeared out of "SOLO: Typing machine". Typewriting was replaced by more advanced technology. Blind writing grew into touchtyping. Typing tutor was modified and improved during the years.

Solo Typing Tutor

100% result

Millions of people from all over the world learned blind ten-finger (touch typing) technique in different languages. Their feedback, comments, suggestions helped to make "SOLO: Touch Typing Tutor" virtually perfect by now.

In addition to absolute practical advanages the program has another important feature: "SOLO" brings good fortune to everyone who completes the course. The program is initially set up for success, which passes to all clients completed 100 lessons to improve the quality of their lives for the better.

To increase work efficiency

Once completed corporate “SOLO: Touch Typing Tutor” and mastered touch typing technique
employees get important and useful advantages, which
influence the company's performance and make it more successful.

"SOLO: Touch Typing Tutor" is ...

Effective time management

Effective work time management: it usually takes 30-40 minutes to type one page and only 4-5 minutes by touch typing. Organization productivity increases.

"SOLO: Touch Typing Tutor" is ...

Productivity increase

Employees who mastered ten-finger touch typing technique work from 10 to 15 % faster than those who have not completed the course. The number of errors and misprints reduces in several times while touch typing.

"SOLO: Touch Typing Tutor" is ...

To preserve health

Touch typing helps you to concentrate at display rather than at keyboard. It reduces eyes strain and preserves your health.

"SOLO: Touch Typing Tutor" is ...

Motivation to creativity

Сreative approach increase to the performed work: mind is focused not on the text typing, but on the subject. Soloists make their best to express the thoughts.

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